What services do we offer?

Sedulous offers a wide range of skills and expertise, providing clients with in-depth customer centric strategies and advice on service design, customer experience initiatives and market research. The nature of this work can range from developing customer insight driven programmes, market research, project management, and marketing consultancy. 

Listed below are a few of the services we offer, but please contact us to discuss your business needs in detail and how we can help.

Service Design, Customer & User Experience Initiatives

For several years Sedulous has been providing service design expertise and customer and user experience consultancy to leading companies and public sector organisations, on how they can improve and align their operations and strategies, based on the vision and values of their organisation and the needs and expectations of their customers.

This involves developing voice of the customer programmes, undertaking market research with customers and customer facing staff to gain insight into the experiences that customers actually have and mapping out their end-to-end customer journeys. Resulting in the successful redesign and transformation of processes, systems, and product or service offerings for our clients. We provide advice on the most appropriate metrics and criteria to measure the success of their customer experience strategy. 

We also uncover compelling user insights and prototype and test new solutions with internal and external customers of the systems. By understanding how people interact with the systems we can ensure they meet user needs and can deliver an improved user experience.

Market Research Programmes

Sedulous has worked on numerous large, complex market research projects on behalf of clients, helping them gain business knowledge and actionable intelligence. This is accomplished through ethnographic research, in-depth qualitative & quantitative research, mystery shopping, focus groups, diary journals, persona immersions, in-store shadowing and in-home observations. 

Sedulous was also the driving force behind the UK’s market leading Top 50 Companies for Customer Service programme. In the past 5 years this has been crucial in helping leading organisations improve the level of customer service they were able to deliver to their customers. 


We have worked with clients on the change management issues that result from adopting a new customer experience strategy. This has involved helping clients communicate their new strategy to everyone throughout their organisation by engaging people through training sessions and workshops.

In addition we run industry and in-house training on service design, customer experience and user experience methods, techniques and tools. This helps to ensure people within organisations gain knowledge of the disciplines involved and pull in the same direction, so initiatives can progress quickly and smoothly.

Project Management

First-class organisational skills, certified scum master qualifications and a practical approach means we are often called upon to see projects through from inception to completion using agile and waterfall methodologies in a multi-disciplinary environment. This can encompass acting as a project manager for clients either on sprints, a short-term basis, or sometimes for a number of years.

Information Architecture & Business Analysis

Sedulous supports organisations with business analysis and information architecture expertise enabling them to translate their complex business problems into working digital and mobile solutions. This often takes the form of working with multiple legacy business systems and complicated data feeds to help them to create actionable insights based on an improved 360º single customer view.

How We Work

We can work with clients on short or long-term contracts, on a project-by-project basis. Prices vary greatly depending on the amount of work and specialist knowledge required. Get in touch to discuss what you’re looking for.